Every Fiat 500 I’ve seen so far

The Fiat 500 is a recognized symbol of Italy. And the classic models are ADORABLE– I am obsessed with them. Because they can be a bit rare to find in the wild (I might see two in one day, then none for a week) I collect photos of them when I’m wandering around (or my dear companion will send photos to me when he sees them) and so here is every Fiat 500 I’ve seen so far. Every photo shows a distinct car. Enjoy and buon fine settimana! I’m likely going to Forlì this weekend for research stuff, so look forward to that next week!

the text on the windows here is an ad for the gym where my dear companion trains.
it’s mos-def a 500 under there!

you saw this one in my first objet d’art post. I’m definitely partial to red 500s.
there were two parked right by each other one night. here’s the first.
and here’s the second. you also saw this guy in the objet d’art 2 post.
hiding! but I found you anyway!
near the Accademia, hence the hordes in the background
usually I see them parked, but this one drove up and stopped to drop someone off right in front of me!
the dark blue is really common here. sometimes I wonder if I keep photographing the same car…
this one was parked right in front of my building