I heart Rome, You heart Rome, Everybody hearts Rome

So unbeknownst to me when I posted that heart photo in my most recent object d’art, those hearts are a sticker that it is plastered all over the city. Since I saw it the other night in Monti:

heart heart + the shadow of my hand AGAIN!

I’ve seen the hearts twice! Two separate times in my neighborhood, San Giovanni. Unlike Monti (and Pigneto or San Lorenzo), San Giovanni isn’t necessarily the hippest neighborhood, and I wasn’t really expecting to find much street art here. But lo and behold:

and then again a couple days later:

And it’s perfect, because what’s not to love (um except the public-transit) about city that looks like this:

this was taken from the stairwell of the scuderie

So, from now on I’ll be watching out for more hearts. It’s awesome when you start picking up patterns like that in street-art or other random details. Sometimes you see the same graffiti repeated, or the same artist (either marked by a signature or style). There are more official-type patterns too: in Florence it’s fascinating to keep an eye out for plaques marking the water-height of the terrible flood from the Arno in 1966. I was surprised the other night to see a similar one here, but it was marking a flood from 1870:

this was at least 7 feet above the ground.

And we weren’t even that close to the Tiber. We were over between the Pantheon and Piazza Navona (obviously on a passegelato) and I noticed this above our heads. I’ll keep an eye out for more now; I love how wandering around here can turn into a treasure hunt!


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