My new Favorite Place in the World: Parco degli Acquedotti

The other afternoon, while it was pleasantly warm but not too hot (thank god the temperature is finally going down!) I meandered over to the Park of the Aqueducts. I didn’t really know it was a thing until I saw some Facebook photos posted a bit ago by a few other smartypants Americani living here in Rome. And hallelujah for that, because the seemingly under-the-radar Parco degli Acquedotti is pretty much my new favorite place in the entire world:

Turns out it’s super easy to get to, you just take the metro and walk for about ten minutes. Then you walk under or over a wall (or maybe it’s a short aqueduct, I’m not sure) and suddenly you’re in a huge, quiet park that has things like this rising up from the ground in front of you:

You can wander in various directions, close to the arches or a ways away, by a stream or in the sun. And after walking a little ways you come up to this, a giant, unbroken line of aqueducts:

There were people out biking and walking their dogs; it seemed like nearly everybody there was local. It was beautiful, quiet, and peaceful, worlds away from the chaos of the city. And you could get up close and touch ancient aqueducts! I know (not a few) architectural historians who would argue that it was Rome’s innovative control of water that lead to their dominance over the western world. And you can just casually stroll by these remnants of absolute Roman power, or sit on a fallen piece of them for a while enjoying the breeze, like I did.


I understand in the spring wild poppies grow all around the park, which is probably stunning. I saw little yellow, white, and pink wildflowers. Some yellow ones were even growing out of the stones, as you see in the picture above. I have every intention to go back and go often, especially with the autumn light making the colors and shadows so intense:

If you’re ever looking for me in Rome and I’m not at my house or the library, look for me here! buon fine settimana!






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