A new Project: Conquering the Lonely Planet Rome List

So, I’ve decided to start a new project- clearly my dissertation and grant applications and all of that isn’t enough. But I’ve decided to be very thorough about my explorations of Rome. My dear companion has a copy of the most recent edition of Lonely Planet, a decent, if not amazing guidebook. Recently I went through the section on Rome and made a list of every site they suggest visiting. There are 80 in total; most of which, during my various visits to Rome before I had already seen. However there were 26 sites that I had never been, and I’ve made it a project of mine to see all of them over the next few months. The other day I took my first stab at the list and visited the Museum at Castel Sant’Angelo for the first time.

Turns out, it was awesome. I’ve of course walked by the Castel Sant’Angelo dozens and dozens of times. I even distinctly remember deciding once not to go into the museum there. But that was a terrible idea because the Castel, which was originally the mausoleum of Hadrian, was amazing. There aren’t a ton of paintings and sculptures inside: a few late Renaissance/early Baroque frescoes, and bits of antique sculptures, but what is really astonishing is the structure itself.

You can climb up on the ramparts, and go up the ramp in the middle. Then there’s the most lovely bar ever with a killer view:

And up at the top, you have spectacular views of the city:

One down, twenty-five to go!


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