Bruges = Awesomest, or Super Awesomest?: Belgium Trip part four million

And now the final post on Belgium. I say go. Go to there. Don’t skip Brussels, definitely visit Ghent, and absolutely bathe in the adorability of Bruges. While climbing 300+ steps isn’t exactly what I call a fun afternoon, one thing you absolutely should do in Bruges is climb the Belfort. It’s tall, it’s a bell tower, and supposedly on clear days (which ours was not), you can see the sea. This is the Belfort:


and this is what you see looking down from it (and not even from the highest level!):

oh the cute, my eyes! my eyes!
oh the cute, my eyes! my eyes!

and some more:

a little to the left
a little to the right

you see this sort of business from the highest level:

not ugly
not ugly

And while the Belfort and the museums in Bruges (we bought the three-day museum pass, which was a helluva good deal) were fascinating and charming. My favorite part of the city was just wandering around. It’s Venice-like in its charms. And that comparison does include the fact that both cities are a bit (or a lot) overwhelmed by their visitors and by the touristy businesses and restaurants meant to serve those visitors. But even when drowning in visitors, Bruges maintains its loveliness (and perhaps even better than Venice does), without feeling Disney-ish. With scenes like this:

not like Disney
not like Disney
I mean, honestly
I mean, honestly
in an empty park on a quiet, foggy morning
in an empty park on a quiet, foggy morning (where there were more swans)
B for Brenna (obvs)!
B for Brenna (obvs)!

The city won me over. Prior to going I was talking to an acquaintance about my travel plans. She said, “you don’t really ever here much about Belgium, do you?” And it’s true, you don’t. But you should.

Italian adventures return tomorrow!


4 thoughts on “Bruges = Awesomest, or Super Awesomest?: Belgium Trip part four million

    1. Thanks, Brenna!

      I’m interested in the angel sculpture you posted a few days ago. I think it was at the top of the page? I am also interested in the Belfort Tower and a couple of the Bruges of canals. Specifically the ones, you have these labels under them: “not like Disney” and “I mean, honestly.” I hope you can give me a bit more descriptors for these paintings? Don’t expect to see them any time soon, as I’m recovering from shingles, and my energy is just now getting back to normal! Look for them at Thanks!

      1. Sure, great. The angel photo is a holy water font in Santa Maria degli Angeli e dei Martiri in Rome. The canal photos are of the Sint-Annarei in Bruges. Good luck with your paintings!

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