Driving up and over the Apennines

I had no idea they were so big!
I had no idea they were so big!

There are lots of landscapes one imagines when thinking of Italy. The bucolic (boring?) rolling farmland of Tuscany, the jagged cliffs of Amalfi, maybe the lagoons of Venice, or the seven hills of Rome. I certainly don’t usually think of soaring mountain vistas as part of the Italian experience. Maybe up in the Alps/Dolomites for sure, but I’ve never quite been up there. But mountains? Near Rome? What? Well, there are:

there's snow up in them there peaks!
there’s snow up in them there peaks!

Big ol’fancy mountains. We weren’t even in the heart of these hills either, but rather skirting around the southern edge of some of the largest mountains in peninsular Italy. And while my from-the-car-pictures don’t quite convey their majesty, and the increasing clouds as the drive continued obscured their highest heights, I was mightily impressed. The Abruzzo and Molise (our final destination) regions seriously get the shaft in guidebooks and on sites like wikitravel (check out Molise’s pathetically and literally empty wikitravel site), but after driving across Abruzzo and spending a day in Molise, I will most definitely agitate for more visits across Italy’s spine into these lovely regions in the future.


Adventures by the  Adriatic tomorrow!


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