Matera for the second time with 100% more cows!


When we went to Matera back in February our visit was severely curtailed by our arrival issues. However, we were mesmerized by the sassi and their warren of caves. Both my dear companion and I thought it would be nice to return at some point. Little did we realize “some point” would arrive so quickly: friends from the States travelling down from Germany were making an epic driving tour of Italy and would we join them for a night down in Matera? Of course! So we trundled down south and we got a chance to go over across the ravine from the sassi to view Matera in its entirety and make new bovine friends!




And I ask you: does it get better than friends, cows, rocks, and a big blue sky? No, I genuinely believe it does not.


2 thoughts on “Matera for the second time with 100% more cows!

    1. That is a tricky question. If I’m honest, Tuscany doesn’t do it for me. The bucolic loveliness is nice, but if I’m looking for that, I prefer Umbria. And Puglia/Basilicata (the south in general) fascinate me, probably because I have spent significantly less time there. For first-timers, Tuscany makes a lot of sense, but at this point for me, I am Puglia (Basilicata and the south) all the way!

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