The Best Thing to Ever Happen to Florence

hey old neighbor, what's up?
hey old neighbor, what’s up?

While my parents were here we made a proper giro d’Italia, first heading south towards Salerno and Paestum, and then following a few rest days in Rome, towards the north and adventure! And luckily when we were up in Florence we happened upon The Best Thing to Ever Happen to Florence (that is not Michelangelo).


A gelato festival! BEST THING EVER. If you’re travelling in Italy, especially in the spring and early summer, it PAYS to find out if there are any food festivals going on. Because delicious artisanal gelato and gelato cocktails and gelato in general are what truly take Italy over the top.

yesssssss again
yesssssss again



2 thoughts on “The Best Thing to Ever Happen to Florence

  1. So jelly! We are back in Oz and have been craving gelato daily. After a month in Italy and enjoying this decadent dessert at least twice a day, going cold turkey has been torture. We don’t eat ice cream here. Some of the ingredients have been banned in a lot of countries so we don’t feel it is safe. Have a cone for me won’t you 🙂

    1. I am a regular and dedicated gelato eater, so I will have cones and cones in your honor! I’m glad you liked your trip and I’m super jealous of you– I’m dying to go to Australia! Thanks again for reading!

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