A Long Silence and New Adventures

I stopped posting in June of 2013. Mostly because I got wrapped up in two things: that I was scheduled to leave Italy at the end of the summer (July 31, 2013), which resulted in almost non-stop travel/library time, and my father’s illness. I vaguely alluded to my dad being sick, but it became all-consuming last summer. At the time I stopped posting I had promised reports on my upcoming trips to the Amalfi Coast (great, if you are a fan of heat-exhaustion), Sicily (unequivocally great), Sardinia (unequivocally GREATER), and Croatia (ditto). I will retroactively report on those now, because, why not. I’d like to do them justice.

Sardinia wins.
Sardinia wins.

In the intervening almost-year I have managed to lose one kidney (which went to my father, making him remarkably less sick), and I have gained a PhD. I defended my dissertation a few weeks ago, will be graduating shortly, and will be flinging myself into the unsuspecting world. I’ve also spent an unprecedented amount of time in Wisconsin. Cheese.

To celebrate my art history doctor status I will be traveling again soon. Portugal, a return to Rome, and Istanbul await me. Hallelujah.


2 thoughts on “A Long Silence and New Adventures

  1. Welcome back! I was so worried about you. I said to my husband ‘she’s a pretty blonde American girl. I hope the human traffickers haven’t taken her’ !!
    Glad you’re okay. And happy your dad is too. Thought it may have something to do with him not being too well. So lovely you gave him a kidney xo
    We cannot wait to return to Italy. We also want to do Spain and the south of France next time.
    Happy travels 🙂

    1. That’s so sweet! Thankfully I was not abducted. It’s nice to be writing about Italy again– looking at my pictures makes me miss it so much. I’m dying to get to Spain too! But the world is too large, there are so many places to go! Thanks so much for reading!

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