Corpus Domini, or Papa Frank in the Front Yard

In some ways my dear companion and I were extremely fortunate in the apartment we had while we lived in Rome. While the apartment was TINY, this was the view from our balcony:


Why yes, that is San Giovanni in Laterano, aka the cathedral of Rome (on the right) and the Sancta Sanctorum, one of the holiest sights in Roman Catholicism (on the left)! Not too shabby. And one of the best parts of having these awesome places in the front yard is that Pope Francis, who I like to call Papa Frank, would occasionally come by to visit. On this occasion, May 30, 2013, Papa Frank was stopping by to celebrate the feast of Corpus Domini, which included a huge eucharistic procession from San Giovanni in Laterano up via Merulana to Santa Maria Maggiore. It’s so nice when Papa Frank drops in:


Though it did disrupt traffic just a wee bit:



2 thoughts on “Corpus Domini, or Papa Frank in the Front Yard

    1. They are both pretty incredible. I think the Florence vs. Rome choice is pretty telling about a person’s personality– I’ve never met anybody you didn’t have a distinct preference. It comes down to whether someone likes easy loveliness (Florence), or challenging drama (Rome)!

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