My Favorite Place in NYC


We interrupt these reminiscences about life in lovely Italy with a more up-to-date post about a place that I’ve been going to a lot the last few months. I’ve lived right outside of NYC for six years altogether and without a shadow of a doubt I can declare Lincoln Center to be my favorite place in the city and one of my favorite places in the whole world. And while all the theaters at Lincoln Center are nice, the Metropolitan Opera pulls my heartstrings like nowhere else and is a must-visit sight for anyone traveling to (or living in) New York.


The Met Opera is the epitome of old-school glamour– you can totally envision Don Draper leaning on one of the balcony railings. Walking up the grand staircases–even if you’re heading up to the 5th balcony family circle where I always sit–there’s a feeling that this can ONLY be the Met and ONLY be New York. Even people who aren’t opera fans should experience the red-and-gold glory of the Met at least once in their lives. Broadway is a huge draw for visitors, but tickets to the Met can be a ton cheaper and nothing beats opera for drama!


I’m moving away from the New York area very soon and leaving behind easy access to the Met is one of things I will lament the most. And in truth, I’m revealing what a rotten art historian I am. For me “the Met” will always mean the opera, rather than the museum.


Alas! But I’ll spare myself a drawn-out death scene because there are more Sicilian stories to tell! Stay tuned…


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