Around the Boot: from Trapani to Erice in 9 million steps


While Trapani itself isn’t known for many sights, the nearby town of Erice certainly is. A primarily medieval town that had its foundations when the ancient Greeks ruled Sicily, Erice is sited up on the high mountains that overlook Trapani. It is also the reason that dozens of cruise ships dock nearby and vomit their passengers directly into vans to be taken up to the city. My dear companion and I didn’t have a van and because, shockingly, the public transit in Sicily is actually WORSE than that in Rome (meaning non-existent), no bus ever arrived and we had to walk from Trapani to the cable-car that would take us to Erice.


This was a walk of nearly an hour. In the sun. On the largest island in the Mediterranean. It was hot, and as you can imagine by the time we reached the cable-car (and it should be noted that at no time when we were walking from the center of Trapani to the cable-car did we see a single bus), we were sweaty, cranky, and hoping to high heaven that Erice was so phenomenal that we would forget the uncomfortableness of arriving there.


Unfortunately, it wasn’t. The narrow medieval streets were over-crowded (due to the cruise ship passengers), and really undistinguishable from other hill towns. The views were nice, but it was hazy, so we couldn’t see that well and they weren’t so stunning as to make the trek worth it.

IMG_9390Maybe at this point we had just seen too many ridiculous things. Maybe we were frustrated and put off by the hassle of getting there, frustration that was not alleviated when we had to walk all the way back to Trapani, nearly starved, and then due to the time of day had a challenging time finding somewhere to eat. But my reaction to Erice is in a syllable, eh.

If I ever went back though, I would definitely make sure to have a CAR. Public transit in Sicily is a joke.


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