Around the Boot: Arriving in Palermo


We took a bus from Trapani to Palermo. I had initially planned that we would take the train, but when we mentioned that to the lovely woman who ran our B&B, she laughed and told us the bus was a waaaay better option. If an Italian (or in this case a Sicilian) gives you transportation advice, it’s best to follow it. So we wandered over to the particular bar where we were told to buy our tickets and waited for the bus. And waited. And waited a bit more. Of course it wasn’t on time. Why would it be on time? When it finally arrived, it was a pleasant enough ride to Palermo and the scenery was super gorgeous– desert-y hills, glimpses of the sea, beauty. Although the bus ride just further reinforced that if you’re going to Sicily, you really want your own car. There were dozens of places that I would’ve liked to stop that I saw from the bus–Ancient Greek archaeological sites, overlook sites, roadside fruit stands– and to really explore you need the kind of freedom granted by a car (and to save yourself the aggravation of relying on public transit).


Once we got to Palermo though, any notion of driving a car went out the window. The city embodies chaos (like this procession that had shut down one of the main arteries through town– note how almost nobody is looking at the canopied Virgin Mary statue), but it the best way possible.

IMG_9422More on Palermo to come!



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