Around the Boot: Sardinia WINS


As I mentioned when I was writing about Sicily, in the last few months of living in Rome my dear companion and I made a concerted effort to travel to places adjacent to Italy, but off the boot meaning Sicily, Sardinia, and Croatia. Of the three, hands down, Sardinia wins. While I would happily return to Sicily, and would be thrilled to explore more of Croatia (which I will begin writing about shortly), Sardinia is where I would most want to buy a little house and live out my days. It was, in short, stunning.


We started in Cagliari (pronounce Cahl-ya-ree), which might be one of loveliest sited cities anywhere. Right on the coast, it’s full of old stuff:


Loads and loads of street art:





And right out of town there are ridiculously lovely beaches with the clearest water:



If you go to Sardinia (and I’m going to say this over and over) RENT A CAR. We only attempted a few city busses in Cagliari and while they worked relatively nicely, I have no clue what the extra-urban transit situation is like. But if you have your own car, you get to explore vistas like this:



Sardinia wins.

PS: Forgive the silence– I was traveling! And for once I didn’t have to take my computer, since I wasn’t tethered to the research leash. But I now have more exciting stories to tell about Lisbon (pretty!), my return to Rome (about right), and Istanbul (STUNNING). Stay tuned…


4 thoughts on “Around the Boot: Sardinia WINS

    1. It really is worth a visit. My trip was limited to the southern bits, so I didn’t even get up to what are supposed to be some of the most beautiful areas in the costa smerelda, but I would go back to Sardinia any day of the week (Sicily and Croatia too, but Sardinia first!). Happy Travels!

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