Around the Boot: Sant’Antioco, Sardinia- Goats and Cliffs and Deserts, oh my!


Sardinia’s loveliness has left me speechless. By which I mean I’ve moved three times (? I can’t really remember), had job interviews in two separate cities, and been a bit overwhelmed recently meaning I haven’t properly finished my Sardinian reportage. So here goes!!

We drove to Sant’Antioco, a little island (accessible by a looong bridge) off the southwestern coast of Sardinia that had been recommended to us by a Roman friend. As I recounted in the last post, the drive itself was worth it on its own, as it had lovely beaches on the way AND pre-historic ruins:


That may look like a random pile of stones, but it’s actually a bronze age nuraghi, which roughly means a random pile of stones. They’re all over Sardinia, and well-worth a glance while driving past.

But once we arrived in Sant’Antioco, which was sleepy and despite its loveliness, not crowded at all, we discovered the lovely beach as seen above, stunning red cliffs:


And goats (or is that a sheep? There were also sheep and honestly I’m not too up on my livestock):


And the landscape was dry and sparse, similar to Puglia, which I also adore:

IMG_0469None of which we would’ve been able to see if we hadn’t rented a car. RENT A CAR in Sardinia. Though having a car did have one downside, a tale I will recount in the next post. And by downside I mean chance to adventure and see EVEN MORE amazing and beautiful things. Sardinia wins.



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