Around the Boot: Sardinian Parking Tickets are the Best


So, I keep saying RENT a car in Sardinia. Except when you do rent a car in Sardinia, you might just end up with a parking ticket, like we did. Great. Since it was a rental, we weren’t sure what the repercussions of not paying would be, and we’re generally upstanding citizens, so we asked at the hotel what we had to do to pay this ticket. Turns out we had to drive for TWO hours inland to a particular office in a little town in the mountains. OK. We had most of the day before our late-afternoon flight, so why not? And HALLELUJAH for that choice, because these are the stunning views we saw on the way:



Unreal coast, lovely mountains. The drive itself was worth all the trouble. And then when we got to the office we discovered, in typical Italian fashion, that the fine for our parking ticket was two euro and there was NO official record (computer or otherwise) of the ticket. They made a pencil notation in a notebook that we had paid and that was it. Oh Italy, I love you. Especially when the road back to Cagliari and the airport includes Greek ruins like this:



And a delicious lunch at a restaurant recommended by Slow Food in a random town.

Italy you’re the best, but Sardinia wins.

2 thoughts on “Around the Boot: Sardinian Parking Tickets are the Best

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