Finally Croatia! King’s Landing is Great and all, but Dubrovnik was my Least Favorite spot in Croatia


I had wanted to go to Croatia for years. YEARS, I tell you. It looks so close to Italy on the map. I looked and re-looked at the dozens of ferries from ports all along the Adriatic, although it turns out they take a REALLY long time and are much more expensive than you would imagine. Eventually I settled on low-cost flights (easy-jet ftw!) into Dubrovnik and out of Split, and we were finally on our way!



As you’re probably aware, Dubrovnik, with the old city nestled on the water and preserved behind it’s medieval city walls, serves as the set for Game of Thrones’ King’s Landing, so when we rode up on our bus from the airport we were totally enthralled by the huge white walls and ramparts. And it’s SO SO PRETTY. But you know what else it is? PACKED to the gills with tourists from cruise ships. Absolutely stuffed. It’s also expensive, hugely so in comparison to everywhere else we went in Croatia and on-par with costs in Italy. And it’s 100% likely that the only language you’ll hear the whole time you’re in the old city is English. Ugh. Not great, Bob. Though we were there for only 24 hours, I really don’t feel the need to go back to Dubrovnik, despite the unassailable loveliness.


IMG_0765If you do go to Dubrovnik, definitely walk around the walls. The views were stellar and though bits of it were a touch crowded, you really, really feel above the fray. Especially when it starts pouring half-way through. Maybe Dubrovnik is perfect in December. Or out of the old city. If you’ve been and you love it, please tell me why, because I would be psyched to be wrong about this one…



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