The Bus from Dubrovnik to Split is the Greatest Ride Ever, with 100% more Bosnia!



The bus from Dubrovnik to Split is a bit long, and the driver will leave you behind at gas stations if you’re taking too long to get your coffee, but it also might just be the prettiest ride of all time. It’s primarily along the coast, except for a bit when you head inland among fields and low mountains, so every moment is lovely, lovely views. You also make a brief foray into Bosnia-Herzegovina (which means you need to have your passports on you as opposed to in your luggage under the bus like we did, d’oh!). What I didn’t know before that bus ride is that the southern bit of Croatia is actually not connected to the rest of the country, because a tiny finger of Bosnia reaches to the coast. Geography is exciting! As a child of the ’80s, vague memories of the war still make Bosnia seem like a thoroughly exotic and quasi-dangerous place, but this quick view of it makes it seem hugely enticing (have you ever googled the town of Mostar? Do it now!) and a return to Bosnia to see Mostar and Sarajevo, among other places, is now pretty high on my list. But I digress. Enjoy these pretty photos, all of which were taken from the bus. I think I watched out the window the whole time and never once cracked open my book. Good job being stunning, Croatia.



The bus was relatively cheap, reasonably comfortable and made frequent enough stops to not be too onerous. But based on the lessons we learned in Sardinia, renting a car might really be the way to go in Croatia. We saw a million beaches and tons of cheap hotels situated in the most beautiful locales along the way and clearly the only way to actually get to these places is by car (or boat maybe, if you’re really fancy). Maybe I’m just realizing that the best way to see anywhere is by car…


IMG_0844Have you taken that bus ride? Where you almost left behind in god-knows-where when your dear companion decided to take his sweet time with a coffee? Do you recommend a car in Croatia? Where do you stand on the great car vs. public transit debate? Lemme hear it!

IMG_0797Luckily at the end of this bus ride was Split. And those adventures await…




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