A Year Out, Reflecting Back on the Five Things I Miss the Least about Italy



Despite people’s romantic visions of prosecco and sunshine and amazing food all day every day, living in Italy is not all fun all the time. It can actually be really hard. Because you have to deal with all of crap of living that you do here, just in a foreign language and unfamiliar customs. Yes, I know, tiny violins, but today on my anniversary of returning to the States, I’d like to dispel the notion that puppies and kittens start frolicking around you the second you get your permesso di soggiorno. Here are the 5 things I miss the least about living in Italy:

1. The public transit.

2. The slick tourist veneer that feels phony and shallow.

3. The public transit.

4. The non-functionality of so many things.

5. The public transit.

and bonus #6: the public transit. Did I mention the public transit? It’s terrible.

Are there things you don’t miss about Italy too?


2 thoughts on “A Year Out, Reflecting Back on the Five Things I Miss the Least about Italy

  1. We can’t wait to get back there. My hubby practices his Italian daily in preparation. I know what you mean about the public transit though. We had some crazy experiences with it haha. But the thing I struggled with was the lack of decent sized cuppacino’s! Those teenie coffee’s just don’t cut it for me. I have also read that it smells bad in Florence once the real heat hits. We were there in Spring, so we dodged that bullet. Still can’t wait to go back though and the euro is down woohoo!

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