Trogir is Croatia’s Medieval City to Beat!


So it seems that having a low-key and cool neighbor is a pattern in Croatia. Dubrovnik has Lokrum, while Split (probably has a lot more– we didn’t make it to the islands, including Hvar, which I hear is GREAT), has Trogir. A bitty town, which–get this–is entirely a UNESCO world heritage site, about a 40 minute bus ride away. And it has all the stuff you would want in a low-key neighbor, including:

Walls (shout out to Robert Frost!):


Pretty little cathedrals:

IMG_0917Links to Venetian architecture:


Mischievous little angels:


Quiet, empty cloisters:


And ridiculously pretty views:

IMG_0970We liked Trogir better than Dubrovnik because it was quieter and less crowded, but it had all the same great stuff. Travel tends to be trendy and cyclical–Dubrovnik is the popular spot now, and some places are popular always (ahem Florence), but for my taste, I wish the love was spread around more liberally. Trogir could take a bit of the stress off of Dubrovnik (or some other little walled town that’s equally lovely could do it too), and the former would still be manageable, while the latter would become hugely better. But now alas, it’s not to be. The Vatican will always be packed, Florence will always be outrageous, and Dubrovnik will always get cruise ships, so that means you’ll find me somewhere else.






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