Travel Apps on My Phone: Delete or Keep? Parte Un…

I am not by a small stretch the most tech-savvy traveller. I’m not on much social media and I use my phone to about .02% of its capacity. C’est la guerre. BUT! When faced with international travel,  it never hurts to check out a few apps that can save you data-charges while on the road, or prepare you better for your trip. So for this first Travel Tech review, I present you with a language app!

image via wikipedia
image via wikipedia

I have had Duolingo on my phone for about three weeks. I am “learning” Italian and when I have finished “learning” that (ha), I will start brand new with German. I already have 5+ years of Italian learning under my belt– classes at university, classes in language schools in-country, and I have lived there for 18+ months. But, language skills, at least those acquired as a grown-up and not a child, fade fast. Duolingo is great because you can set your own goals and work at your own pace. And you can get a champagne track suit for your owl, so it’s classy. Since I already have a pretty solid start in Italian, it’s relatively easy, just good practice, especially for those tricky details that are impossible to remember. We’ll see, when I start the German–which I can read agonizingly slowly, but have no verbal skills in–how it goes with a near zero background in a language. I even got my dear companion into Duolingo and he’s pretty much fluent in Italian. It’s definitely way more rewarding than Two Dots.

Delete or Keep?: Keep!

Check out Duolingo here:, or find it in the iTunes App store or on Google Play.

Have you used Duolingo? if you’re on it, look me up! Any recommendations for keeping language learning on point? because man it’s a sloooow process.



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