Travel Apps on my Phone: Delete or Keep? Parte deux

As I’ve mentioned, I am not by a small stretch the most tech-savvy traveller. I’m not on much social media and I use my phone to about .02% of its capacity. C’est la guerre. BUT! When faced with travel, whether a road-trip or a multi-leg international journey,  it never hurts to check out a few apps that can save you data-charges, or prepare you better for your trip. So for this second Travel Tech review, because I am heading out on the read today, I present you with Road Ninja!

image via google play

I have had Road Ninja on my phone for a few months. Before I graduated, and particularly when my dad was sick I was not infrequently criss-crossing the country to visit my parents, or my then-long-distance dear companion, all with my beagle in tow (so that meant no flying and pretty frequent 15+ hour drives). I am a pro at road-tripping, and particularly in areas of the country (ahem upper midwest!) where exits are infrequent and you don’t know how long it’s going to be until you find something other than McDonalds or an icky gas station, Road Ninja is a savior. It lists upcoming exists, updates as you go, and includes food/hotel/gas options. Great! That said, it’s also pretty much worthless when driving by yourself (even with a beagle co-pilot). There is no safe way to check it while you’re driving and checking it after you’ve taken an exit totally defeats the purpose. Unless I’m missing something and it already does this, it would be much improved for solo drivers if it–like map apps–would verbally announce what was coming up, so you don’t have to do any dangerous scrolling and clicking. DO NOT DO dangerous scrolling and clicking while on the road!

Delete or Keep?: Keep, with reservations…

Check out Road Ninja here: and in the various app stores.

Have you used Road Ninja? What did you think? Do you have a beagle co-pilot? They’re the best.



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