Leaving Somewhere you Love (and hate a wee bit): Imprinting the View


We have come to the end of my time in Rome. In my last days I went to the Museo Palazzo Massimo alle Terme, San Pietro in Vincoli to see the Moses, and the Protestant Cemetery. On my final morning living in Rome, I called a cab to come at 7am, tumbled down my palazzo stairs with 200+ pounds of a year’s worth of accumulated belongings, and held back tears on the ride to the airport. As is probably abundantly apparent, I love and hate Rome at the same time. But on that last morning all I wanted in the few moments before the taxi arrived, was to imprint the view from our little apartment balcony on my eyes, in my brain, and permanently into my memory.

Moving forward, this blog will become less Rome-centric, and more focused on general travel, abroad and in the US.

In the meantime, enjoy the view.


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