Not Overrated in Lisbon? the Maritime Museum

The Maritime Museum, though part of the same complex of buildings as the mostly overrated Jerónimos Monastery, is not overrated. Underrated in fact. It’s great, but you should know it’s huge and they approach Portugal’s extensive maritime history from many, many different angles: Age of Exploration, Naval, Commercial, Leisure and on and on ad infinitum. So while we probably only looked at maybe 1/4 of the displays they were excellent and well worth the time.

Some of the ship models were about a billion times more intricate than this, unfortunately I didn’t take the best photos…
Model Ship Maritime Museum Lisbon
One of the many, many amazing ship models. There were so many!

Where else will you get to see teeny models of amazing galleons and frigates and all sorts of ships that I don’t know the names of? Or the little altar that Vasco da Gama took with him to India? Or astrolabes? Astrolabes might be the coolest things of all time. Except astronomical globes. Those really are the coolest things of all time. You can see all of those things plus votive images sailors commissioned to protect themselves, or honor past disasters. They were poignant and lovely.

The little sculpture that supposedly went with Vasco  da Gama to India
The little sculpture that supposedly went with Vasco da Gama to India -sorry it’s blurry-
Astrolabe Maritime Museum Lisbon
A stunning astrolabe
Astronomical Globe Maritime Museum Lisbon
Astronomical globes are way better than regular ones
Astronomical Globe Aquarius Pisces
This one shows my two signs! (I’m on the cusp between Aquarius and Pisces)
Sailors Votive Painting Maritime Museum Lisbon
This votive painting gives thanks to the Virgin for helping some sailors survive a disaster. The whole tale is penned a the bottom. So lovely

But the big show at the Maritime Museum are probably the actual boats they have on display. Lovely royal barges and fishing boats and even a seaplane! (Unfortunately my photos from the museum are a little weak; I think I had photography fatigue by that point…)

Maria Eulalia Boat Maritime Museum Lisbon
Bright boat!

The Maritime Museum wins!

Sirius Boat and Anchor Maritime Museum Lisbon
Why so sirius?

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