Lisbon Cathedral: Ruins and Lady Tombs

Lisbon Cathedral
Lisbon Cathedral (Sé Cathedral) facade

Romanesque architecture of Lisbon's Cathedral Interior

Lisbon’s dramatic cathedral (Sé Cathedral) is well-appreciated form the outside, but let’s appreciate it from the inside too! It has some of my favorite things: Roman ruins in the cloister and lady tombs!!

Lisbon Cathedral Cloister Ruins

Lisbon Cathedral Cloister
The cloister was empty.

The Lady tombs even feature book reading, which as I can tell you (as I wrote my dissertation on lady tombs) is really really rare.

Lisbon Cathedral Lady Tomb with Book
What is up lady tomb?
Lady Tomb with book detail
Maybe she’s reading Sea and Sardinia
Book reading Lady Tomb
It’s book reading Lady Tomb jackpot!
Detail Book Reading Lady Tomb Lisbon
She’s reading Fear and Loathing

To see the cloister and the choir with the lady tombs you have to pay a few euro entrance fee, but they are totally totally worth it. The best three euros (I think?) I spent in Lisbon. Except the bifana sandwich!

Read on lady tomb, read on.
Read on lady tomb, read on.

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