Lisbon in (silly) Photos

If it’s not abundantly clear, Lisbon is great. It’s a tremendous example of a Southern European city– water, palm trees, outdoor living emphasis– while being cheaper and easier to navigate than someplace like, I dunno, Rome. Way fun. So to send off Lisbon in style here are a few more photos, one of which is a bit in poor taste. You know how I roll.

Baroque altar Lisbon
This altar out-baroques the baroque. Yikes.
View over Lisbon
The colors of the city. My god.
Sardine in Lisbon
The colors of this delicious sardine. My god.
Silly Railing Lisbon
Just look at this one for a minute. … Why yes I am an adolescent boy…
Street Art in Lisbon
Lisbon’s street art was great
Bat Column Base Lisbon Cathedral
Great column base or greatest column base?
Blue Tiles and Pavement Lisbon
There were amazing details everywhere. I was in heaven
Lovely Church Lisbon
The light! the architecture!
Praça do Comércio, Lisbon
The sun was blinding in the best ways
Blue Sky and Castle Lisbon
And my god the sky was blue.

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