I’ll Just Move In: Parco degli Acquedotti, Rome

Parco degli Acquedotti, Rome
Is there anything lovelier than this view?

You’re probably sick of it by now. Because how many times can I tell you that the Parco degli Acquedotti is the absolute best? That it’s so lovely in Springtime when the flowers are blooming, and that like the Villa Pamphilj, it’s perfect for a bit of calm and quiet? I will never tire of this place. It’s so easy to get to (a ten minute walk off the A line– stop is “Giulio Agricola” or “Subaugusta” works too) there are some legit gelato places right by the metro stops out there and it’s just so lovely. It’s the absolute best combination of what Rome has to offer: ancient stuff, sunshine, and poppies. THE BEST, the end.

wildflowers and ruins aqueduct park Rome
no better combo exists than poppies, ruins, and sunshine

So often when people travel in cities (and I do this too), it’s all go, go, GO all the time. Must see all the sights, must see every “big” museum, must do it all. And that’s great and it works, but it’s also very tiring. I’ve returned from city vacations more tired than I was when I left. So I think it’s worthwhile to carve out a bit of quiet time during city trips. That could mean a leisurely tea or drink or breakfast at a cafe while you watch the hustle go by. Or a long, thoughtful pause in the museum to really contemplate that painting. But for me, in Rome, it’s going to the Parco degli Acquedotti.

aqueduct shadow, Rome
few people, no sirens, it’s quiet. and perfect.

You get to SIT on an aqueduct for god’s sake! As one of my old art history profs said all the damn time: in the ancient world and during the Renaissance/Baroque: water and its control is what made Rome. Why yes, I would like to plant my behind on the reason for Rome’s glory and success, sounds lovely!

Russell Crowe says: "C'mon, go to the aqueduct park already!!"
“For crying out loud, how many times do I have to tell you to go to the aqueduct park already!!”
pond at the aqueduct park, Rome
As if that fence is really going to do much to keep people out

They had modified the park a bit since my last visit: they put a fence around the little pond and had cut down a few pines that I believe had been damaged in a storm. Regardless, it’s still perfect, so go to the aqueduct park, go. Go.


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