My Favorite Restaurant in the Entire World

Ristoro degli Angeli, Garbatella, Rome
The best ever always.

In addition to the best lunch ever, and my three favorite, cheap Roman options, the one place I wanted to go during my brief return to Rome was a place I adore down in Garbatella. Garbatella is a neighborhood on nobody’s radar, out of the center, without any traditional “sights,” but it has my absolute favorite restaurant in the entire world, Ristoro degli Angeli. The specialty there is pasta with butter and sesame seeds and I could not love it more. Despite the fact that it was featured on Anthony Bourdain’s Rome “Layover” episode a few years ago, this place is so far off the typical tourist map that when I’ve gone my table is the only one where any English is spoken. I will love this place forever, and will go as often as I can.


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