Airbnb and the Problem of Accommodations in Rome

Rome Airbnb patio
So lovely!

In our brief return to Rome we stayed in a lovely little Airbnb studio up in Monteverde which had the gorgeous patio you see above, which really made the rest of the place, which was teeny with the teeniest bathroom, bearable. Monteverde is in NO WAY the ideal tourist neighborhood for visiting Rome. It’s up the Janiculum from Trastevere and you have to rely on a lot of public transit to get out of the area (we were a five minute walk form the Quattro Venti train station. How many of you knew there was a Quattro Venti station? Probably zero) and there aren’t any “sights” per se aside from tremendous access to the Villa Pamphilj. But it met our needs and I think we would probably stay there again given the appropriate circumstances.

St Peter's Dome and Clouds
Pretty Rome. Monteverde is NOT close to here

However, more generally: accommodations in Rome suck hugely. Hotels are typically expensive. B&Bs are of extremely varying quality, and Airbnb was also surprisingly and disappointingly expensive (we paid 30euro more a night for the place in Rome than we did the place in Lisbon, despite the fact that the Lisbon apartment was much bigger and more “centrally” located). And you all know how I feel about hostels. And since I have almost always stayed in rented apartments in Rome–either in Prati, Testaccio, or San Giovanni–I really don’t know how best to approach the issues of accommodations there. People have in the past asked me for recommendations, and I find it hard to tell them anything. I know of one decent, not outrageously priced hotel near the Vatican. And one slightly more expensive place in Monti. But to stay in those places you need to be budgeting 100+euro a night for your lodging, which is steep for my historically grad student budget, and they’re often booked up, because they’re decent and not outrageously priced.

Yes please, cover my eyes, shield me from these prices!!
Yes please, cover my eyes, shield me from these prices!!

Of course there are seasonable differences, but despite the extensive amount of time I’ve spent in Rome, I feel truly befuddled with regards to lodging there. Since I have a skewed perspective towards Rome, I’m curious how others have found their Roman accommodations. If you liked it and would recommend it? How it compared to other places you’ve stayed elsewhere in Italy? From my experience, Rome is WAY more expensive than EVERYWHERE else in Italy except Venice (and maybe some of the Alpine towns, those seem crazy spendy, but I haven’t really been up to the mountains). Oh Rome, why you gotta be like that?


9 thoughts on “Airbnb and the Problem of Accommodations in Rome

  1. Well, I was going to recommend Plus Camping Roma. It’s a bus ride away from town, and the prices are so very low (8 euro/ bed in the off season low). But if you’re not a fan of hosteling, I’m not sure tent hosteling is going to make things better. 🙂 How do you feel about bungalows? They have those too. Haha.
    Anywayyyy, thanks for the good read. Good luck with future travel arrangements!

    1. While camping really wouldn’t be for me (I am not an out-of-doors sort of person at all), I’m pleased to hear you had a good experience at that campsite! Thanks for the suggestions and for reading!

  2. We found an awesome place to book our hotels in Rome. is apart of a place called The Beehive. Really awesome experience. Yes, Rome is kinda expensive but… It is a major city and a major tourist hub. I loved our Rome experience!!!

  3. We found a great place in Rome through Airbnb in an apartment complex near the Vatican. Took the bus to Rome Centro, ate in local neighborhoods, shopped and cooked some meals. 8 of us (6 adults and 2 kids). Previous times in Rome were spent in hotels. Liked this much better especially for a friends and/or family group.

  4. Great post and very accurate of the accomodations in Rome. I splurged in Rome (I was staying cheap everywhere else) and stayed three nights at Duca D’ Alba on Via Leonina. It was pricey, but it was so luxurious. I knew going into it that Rome isn’t popular for their hotels, so I decided to treat myself!

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