Sacrilege! I took only a few Rome photos, but here they are!

When you’ve spent as much time in Rome as I have, photos seemingly become less essential. Enjoy these few snaps before I drown you with photos from my next destination…

bridge and gazometro, Rome
If only this bridge were more structurally sound…
relief sculpture Rome
Me, when dealing with Roman public transport
light from the metro B, Rome
10 points if you can guess which metro station this is… the light in Rome just kills me
Time Eats Everything, Rome
Time DOES eat everything

3 thoughts on “Sacrilege! I took only a few Rome photos, but here they are!

  1. I only spent a month in Rome, and still took hardly any pictures. We saw all the major tourist traps in a couple days, but the bar crawls the British people were advertising around the coliseum proved to be fantastic times that were agnostic of location. Rome itself wasn’t as great as the diversity of the tourists who came to have fun in the city. Who says you need pictures?

  2. Thank you for sharing these pictures. I especially liked the caption of the way you deal with the public transport! The most chaotic experience I’ve had with travelling within a city is in Istanbul. Cars run into each other, yet there seems to be a system because I didn’t see any accidents. Quite impressive!

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