Travel Apps on my Phone: Delete or Keep? Parte quatre…


As I’ve mentioned, (here are parts un, deux, and trois of my travel app reviews) I’m not the most on-it with my phone and new apps, but even I like to check out a few apps that might save me data-charges while on the road. Here’s one I downloaded right before my trip to Istanbul:

Katie Parla’s Istanbul: [Full disclosure I have met Katie Parla before and have been a long-time reader of her excellent food/travel blog.] Katie Parla is a well-established and authoritative voice on Italian, particularly Roman, food and travel and can write with expertise on Istanbul as well. “Katie Parla’s Istanbul” is only $0.99 and provides truly excellent food recommendations as I expected from being familiar with her writing. However, the app itself does not have the most user-friendly interface; for example, it would be a lot more helpful if the restaurants, bars, etc were listed by neighborhood, since in an unfamiliar city it can be hard to tell if that dot on the map is actually close to you or not. It is possible to search by neighborhood, but that is assuming you know their names and can spell them correctly. Additionally, directions for getting to locations would be useful, but are not included. If an individual is trying to minimize their data-usage, opening up google maps to get directions to that promising looking place on the Asian side of Istanbul isn’t really an option.

Delete or Keep: Keep, but only in conjunction with an app like Spotted by Locals, which had a much better map feature.

“Katie Parla’s Istanbul” can be found in the usual places or on her site at:

Have you ever used any of Katie Parla’s apps?



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