Do Only Art History Nerds Cry in Front of Hagia Sophia?

Hagia Sophia, Istanbul
I’m hyperbolic a LOT when I write, but Hagia Sophia was awesome in the extremely literal sense of the word

When I arrived in Sultanhamet, Istanbul and saw in quick succession the Hippodrome, with the Serpent Column, the Obelisk of Theodosius, the Blue Mosque in all it’s glory, and then, then Hagia Sophia, I was overcome. I–being a long-standing architecture and art history nerd–couldn’t actually believe that I was standing in front of a building that I had dreamed about visiting since childhood. The last time I felt that sense of awe and wonder was when, five years earlier, I stumbled up the Via della Concilazione into the setting sun to see St. Peter’s in Rome for the very first time. It brought me to tears.

Also, a personal note: last week was big for me and my family. I started my new job, and we added a new dog to our house! So, in addition to my long-standing co-pilot Rogue (9-year old beagle that I adopted when she was two-months old, on the right), who has appeared a few times on this blog, I would like to introduce our new baby: Lupo! He’s 7-ish (or at least that’s what the Humane Society thought) and he is also a righteous co-pilot.

Two Adorable Beagles
Can you take the cute?!?

15 thoughts on “Do Only Art History Nerds Cry in Front of Hagia Sophia?

      1. I’ve only cried once when looking at something great during my travels. That was when I saw my mom cry upon seeing the Grand Canyon. It’ amazing how we are touched by things around us.
        Now I am inspired to visit the Hagia Sofia. Thanks for posting. =)

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