The Empty Süleymaniye Mosque

Dome Sulemaniye Mosque
The nearly levitating dome

Perhaps equal in architectural grandeur to the Blue Mosque the Süleymaniye Mosque might be a better draw because it’s almost entirely empty. It has similarly spectacular tiles, soaring domes/half-domes, glittering windows, and almost no people in it. Though it’s the largest mosque in the city and is supposedly as big of a sight to visit, it was lovely and quiet and gave you a moment to really enjoy the architectural and decorative achievements of the complex. They also have quite nice, clean bathrooms (which I don’t remember if they were pay bathrooms, really minimal if they were), so if you need one, it’s nice to know they’re there. While the Blue Mosque/Hagia Sophia double-whammy definitely astonishes for just being so damn impressive, the Süleymaniye Mosque wins for being a better visitor experience.

Chandelier, SUlemaniye Mosque
The Chandelier
windows, Sulemaniye Mosque
windows and arches Sulemaniye Mosque
the arches and angles are amazing
outside sulemaniye Mosque
The outside is lovely too
details sulemaniye mosque
the details!
cemetery sulemaniye mosque

10 thoughts on “The Empty Süleymaniye Mosque

    1. Istanbul is AMAZING. And now is perhaps a particularly good time to go. With the political climate there becoming increasingly conservative there’s a possibility that visitor access to some of these sights might become more limited in the future (especially at Hagia Sophia), so go! Go now!

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