It’s Culturally and Intellectually Fascinating Adventure Time: Museum Month!

10 Points if you can guess where this is...
10 Points if you can guess where this is… hint: it’s not in Italy….(photo credit to my sister Abbie Graham)

Welcome to a new series on Ruins and Relics: November is Museum Month! For all of this month (and there’s a good chance it’ll stretch into December too) I will be reviewing/discussing museums all over the United States and in Europe with honest commentary about accessibility, crowdedness, greatness of cafes, and all the rest! Museums in the following cities will be discussed (in no particular order): Philadelphia, Paris, Berlin, Florence, Venice, Milan, Bruges, Rome, New York City, Chicago, and Boston (and possibly others)! While my emphasis (unsurprisingly) will be on Art and Archaeology museums, a few others will be included because I’m not always an art history robot!

So stay tuned for Museum Month!


9 thoughts on “It’s Culturally and Intellectually Fascinating Adventure Time: Museum Month!

  1. I was gonna start a theme of museums that I’ve been to, more pictures and less words : ) I would include some museums in China to differentiate~

    I guess it’s somewhere in the US, although it doesn’t look like one.

    1. Unfortunately no! I haven’t been to Spain yet, but I’m hoping sometime in the next year or two. Spain seems like there’s too much though, so many amazing places! You’ll have to let me know what you think of the Prado and oooooooh!! the Thyssen Bornemisza is in Madrid too! This is super nerdy, but Domenico Ghirlandaio’s Portrait of Giovanna Tornabuoni is there and I’m dying, dying to see it one day. And that painting is a MILLION times more interesting than the Mona Lisa (sorry, I’m such a nerd. Giovanna Tornabuoni was the daughter-in-law of one of the women that was one of the major players in my dissertation, so I’m mildly obsessed).

      1. You are right about Spain having having so many things to do, which is why on this trip I’m only doing Madrid and Granada ( I really really want to see the Alhambra up close). I didn’t study art or anything related but I like nerds and I love museums so go ahead be nerdy without apologizing. You might not have been to Spain yet but thanks anyway coz now I’ll be sure to pay attention to “your” portrait.

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