Photographic Evidence as to Why I can’t Hate the Louvre

Canova is CHEEKY.
Canova is CHEEKY.

I want to hate the Louvre. I really, really do. There are lots of reasons to hate it, but I can’t. There’s just too much good stuff there. Unmatched stuff, unparalleled stuff. Dammit Louvre, you win this round.

Art historian porn.
Art historian porn.
Just hanging out, no arms.
Just hanging out, no arms.
WAY more interesting than the Mona Lisa (this is the baby jebus from Leonardo's Madonna of the Rocks)
WAY more interesting than the Mona Lisa (this is the baby jebus from Leonardo’s Madonna of the Rocks)
Rubens dogs from the Marie de'Medici cycle, you know, cause the Louvre CAN
Rubens dogs from the Marie de’Medici cycle, you know, cause the Louvre CAN
Michelangelo's MOTHER-FUCKING slaves. I've died.
Michelangelo’s MOTHER-FUCKING slaves. I’ve died.
I'm bound by my amazement.
I struggle between my amazement and my desire to hate!
I'm overcome!
I’m overcome!
Damn it, even the architecture is nice. Dammit Louvre!
Damn it, even the architecture is nice. Dammit Louvre!

31 thoughts on “Photographic Evidence as to Why I can’t Hate the Louvre

      1. Well that was my evil plan! I have been lucky to have had the opportunity and means to travel a lot thus far. I’m in a bit of a travel lull right now (I recently moved a few times and just started a new job), but I’m always dreaming of voyaging back out.

  1. I know what you mean… But it is hard to hate the Louvre. It has oddly become one of my favorite places to go in Paris when I have nothing planned but want to go out. The artwork and history there is remarkable.

    1. Haha yes and no! You did miss a lot of really amazing art, but that ONLY counts as “missing” something if you care about art. So if not, nope, you didn’t miss a thing! Biking around it sounds like a blast, I’ll have to give that a try next time.

  2. For a while I DID hate the Louvre, and I’ll tell you why.
    Several years ago I was on a plane flying from Beirut to Paris, and on board was the most beautiful woman I’d ever seen. Unfortunately she was a hostess, and she was working.
    It was an overnight flight, and once everyone was asleep I stood up and went to the back, as I always do, and had a few more beers. She was there, we got chatting, blah blah blah eventually I said to her “If a man was to do the most romantic thing for you, what would it be?” She replied without hesitation, ‘take me to the Louvre.”
    I finished my beer, thanked her and told her I was going back to my seat for an hours sleep, but just before I moved, I asked her if she’d come to the Louvre with me when she was next off. She went red and mumbled something, I assumed I’d been refused so thanked her again and went back to my seat.
    Quick nap and then the lights came on for breakfast. She was on my side, and when she got to me she handed me an envelope, saying “this was the information you asked for Sir.”
    Confused, I opened it after she’d gone, it was her name and phone number.
    Called her a couple of days later and we arranged to meet in a café near the Louvre on Monday morning.
    I arrived early, sat in the cafe waiting for her, she arrived shortly afterwards still looking as beautiful as I’d remembered and we headed to the world famous museum.
    Which is shut on Mondays!!

  3. I was going to ask you what you could posible hate in the louvre, coz honestly I can’t even put the words hate and museum in the same sentence without cringing… but reading the other comments I realize its all part of your master plan and we’ll just have to check in tomorrow to find out…

  4. Love, love, love! I love your photos and I loved the Louvre, having no real knowledge of art, I made a bee line to the Mona Lisa when I visited the Louvre, I even loved the fact that she was in glass, had been stolen before… All that added to her mystique for me. It’s good to hear a different perspective and next time I visit, I’ll pay a lot more attention to the other great art there is. There was another painting in the room that the Mona Lisa was in go a lady wearing purple and black robes (sorry, don’t know what it’s called), I loved that as well. I’ll stop by your blog more often to get better educated!

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