Surprising No One, Berlin is PACKED to the gills with Fantastic Museums

This is actually Berlin Cathedral, but it's on Museum Island and it's atmospheric as hell.
This is actually Berlin Cathedral, but it’s on Museum Island and it’s atmospheric as hell.

Berlin might be my favorite city in the world for museums.** While NYC’s Met and Paris’s Louvre are spectacular encyclopedic collections, leave it to the Germans and their thoroughness to have multiple institutions that combined create one of the most unbelievable repositories of art that probably exists anywhere in the western world. So buckle up for some fantastic and fantastically thorough Berlin museums!

** A caveat. I went to London when I was 12 and much to my chagrin haven’t had the opportunity to go back yet. It is possible that if I better remembered the British Museum and the National Gallery and the National Portrait Gallery and all the rest (I tried to go to the Courtauld too, but it happened to be closed for renovations in 1996– man I was an art nerd even when I was a kid!) that London would bear the (western) world museum crown. Damn, I need to get myself back to London.


14 thoughts on “Surprising No One, Berlin is PACKED to the gills with Fantastic Museums

  1. Germany has been voted the number one country to visit! haha my best friend in Australia comes from Germany and took great pride in telling me that this week.
    We are currently in Belgium for 8 days.
    And we’ve left the best till last (well that’s what I tell her). Germany watch out! You’re up next and we can’t wait.
    Berlin is an awesome city. We were there last year so we’ll be looking at her other cities this time.

  2. I love Germany! I’m not sure if you are currently in Germany (kind of weird because I was just in Berlin! but my blog posts are way behind my travels) but if you can make it to Dresden, it is SO beautiful!

    1. No, not currently in Germany, this is a retrospective look at museums. I’ve heard wonderful things about Dresden and would like to get back to Germany soon! Thanks for reading and recommending Dresden, it’s on the list!

  3. Fact is: I just loved the concept (over-rated and over-used word) of a Museum island! The mere combination of words is poetic!

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