A Different Kind of Trip; an Anniversary

draping a blanket is like giving away an organ, right?
draping a blanket is like giving away an organ, right?

So, unlike all my other posts in Museum Month, this one isn’t going to be about a museum, but rather about the best, worst, scariest, and most amazing thing I’ve ever done. Today, November 21 is the one-year anniversary of my kidney donor surgery. Not exactly a fun travel story and it still leaves me more speechless than snarky, but for any and all readers who don’t know much about organ donation (the living kind like I did, or the “agree to it on your drivers license” kind), I am happy to talk about it, because it DOES save lives. And I’m thrilled to report that on this one-year anniversary I am doing fine and my father–my kidney recipient–is doing GREAT.

It’s back to the travel and museum review fun times tomorrow. In the meantime: hug your loved ones, enjoy the health that you have, go and try; achieve what you can.


16 thoughts on “A Different Kind of Trip; an Anniversary

  1. I have a friend who donated a kidney to her mother. This strikes me as one of the most astounding gifts anyone could ever give. I am very glad the first year has been a success for both you and your father. Congratulations.

  2. Such good news you’re both thriving! Your dad must feel incredibly grateful and a little guilty, A parent would take a bullet for their child yet they rarely consider their child doing something life giving for them.Hope you get to stretch your wings again soon xox

  3. Wow. That’s a brave thing in my book. I’ve got it checked on my driver’s license, but I’ve wondered if I could give up a kidney while living. Here’s to you and your dad. 🙂

    1. Thanks so much. And yes, living kidney donation is a thing and the recipient usually fares better if their donor is living. I won’t lie though, as much as I celebrate the experience now, it was HARD, but I wouldn’t change it for anything.

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