If you Can Draw Yourself Away from Venice’s Canals, the Galleria Accademia is Awesome(ly humid)

Such an ugly setting, how can you handle it? image via travelgeeze.com
Such an ugly setting, how can you handle it? image via travelgeeze.com

It’s hardly revelatory to say that Venice is spectacular and unreal. So when you visit Venice, one of the best things to do is just wander around, embrace the otherwordly scenery, sit for hours in a piazza with your coffee, and absorb it all. And while there are traditional sights in Venice–the Doge’s Palace, San Marco, overpriced gondola rides–at least as far as I’m aware, most people don’t visit Venice with a list of “must-see” museums that they need to hit up. In some ways, that’s GOOD. But let me present to you the reasonably sized, reasonably attended Galleria Accademia as my first foray into Italian museums during this Museum Month the Sequel with a Vengeance in Italy.

This is Titian's last painting. THEY HAVE TITIAN'S LAST PAINTING
This is Titian’s last painting. THEY HAVE TITIAN’S LAST PAINTING image via wikimedia commons (they don’t allow photos there so none of these are mine).

Like so much of Venice the Accademia is housed in a crumbly, poorly climate controlled Renaissance building that has a fascinating history all its own and is also really, really, really humid. It’s charming.

The Saint Ursula cycle!!!
The Saint Ursula cycle!!! image via tripadvisor.co.uk

And the best thing about the Accademia? The paaaaaaintingssssss. They have an astonishing collection of pre-19th century Venetian painting. And without getting into the nitty gritty of the differences between Italian Renaissance/Baroque painting from Venice and not from Venice, suffice it to say it has to do with the colors. The colors in Venetian paintings are really, really, really good.

10,000 Virgins man. You can't make this stuff up.
10,000 Virgins man. You can’t make this stuff up. image via wikimedia commons

And the St. Ursula cycle is there. WINNING.


8 thoughts on “If you Can Draw Yourself Away from Venice’s Canals, the Galleria Accademia is Awesome(ly humid)

    1. Thanks! I have LOTS of thoughts on the Vatican Museum, but no, they haven’t been committed to the blog yet. I’ll get to Roman museums in a week or two. Venice, Milan, and Florence will come first because geography.

  1. Another enjoyable story, including what you say about Venice being a city where an unstructured exploration can be an amazing experience. Which is true but my wife and I wish we that we DID prepare a must-see list of museums/galleries. We visited Venice with a tour group, so there was a program. However, we had several hours of free time, too much of which was spent aimlessly, in a city where it is well-nigh impossible to get your bearings, let alone a clear mental map. So, we left Venice regretting that we didn’t make it to the Accademia or the Guggenheim. We have unfinished business in Venice!

    1. Venice is tricky, you kind-of have to embrace the fact that you’ll get lost and miss things. In that way (aside from the crowds), Venice is sort-of like a beach vacation– best to just relax, and not try to do much.

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