All the Love for the Castel Sant’Angelo. Lurve too. and Looooooooooooooove

I love that classical/steam punk angel SO MUCH.

The Castel Sant’Angelo is the backdrop for many, many, many picturesque Roman views over the Tiber, or towards St. Peter’s or whatever fancy scene. So fancy. But though it’s great for its photographic potentialities, I luuuuurve the Castel Sant’Angelo for being a MOST excellent museum/historical experience. I have written about how great it is a few times, including here, and when I went through il Passetto here, so I mostly want to just show the photographic evidence of its wonderfulness now.


So wonderful. Visiting the Castel Sant’Angelo does involve some museum-y things: frescoes and paintings and cannonballs and things, maybe an exhibition here or there, but it’s mostly about experiencing the building and all of its crazy history.

yes. yes. yes
View of Dome of St Peter's at Night
and luuuurve for the view from the Passetto

As the fortress to which the popes would escape if they ever needed to (through the Passetto and I’m looking at you Clement VII) the Castel Sant’Angelo offers a ton of papal history, with insanely ridiculously lovely views, and no lines/no crowds. Love it. Another place to go when you skip the Vatican.

the perfect cafe? yeah, it's the perfect cafe
the perfect cafe? yeah, it’s the perfect cafe
View from the top!
View from the top!

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