Return to Rome! (four months ago…)

Lovely, lovely Rome
Lovely, lovely Rome

I went back to Rome in May and due to “busy” and “stuff” and “work” and “whatever” I haven’t written about it yet. BUT THAT ENDS TODAY.

The basics: it was a ten-day trip, all in Rome (no day-trips or side jaunts or any such things). And the primary goal was to do a bunch of stuff and eat in a bunch of restaurants that I had never been to before.

So. How did I do on that goal?

GREAT. Really great, actually.

I was successful mostly because I made a bit of a list and a plan beforehand. Had I just shown up to hang out, like I’ve done many times in the past, I would’ve primarily gone to the same old places and done the same old things, which are all wonderful, but don’t really expand my love and knowledge of the city. Because I’m at that weird stage with Rome that I know enough to recommend sites and restaurants, I know enough to have an awesome trip with my knowledge base alone, and I know enough to say that I have a good sense of Rome. But now, that’s not enough for me.

I think back to my first trip there, lo these many years ago, and I’m amazed by how my perception of the city has changed and grown. I want it to keep changing and growing.

And luckily, you get to benefit from my learnin’.

So onward! Back to Rome! And the first stop? A few churches that despite their obvious and very central locations I had never managed to enter. Stay tuned…


6 thoughts on “Return to Rome! (four months ago…)

    1. Some people are allergic to planning for travel (my dear companion among them!), but for me it helps me keep focused on what I want to do, beyond sitting in a piazza with a negroni! Thanks for the comment.

      1. Thanks! I’m looking forward to writing them. And honestly no, there’s not that much more to life than piazza-sitting and negroni-sipping. In fact, I wish I were doing that right now!

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