More photos from MURo because why the hell not?

modigliani street art rome italy
Modigliani writ fucking large.

Here are a few more pictures of MURo because it’s fucking great.

tunnel street art rome italy
The other side of the tunnel. the words say: ai pensieri liberi alle paure, agli amori volanti nel passagio tra due tempi. I’ll let you google translate that one yourself.
venus face rome street art italy
Modigliani writ fucking large.
street art rome italy
MURo Rome
the whole first wall

You can see on this main wall a wavy silver line. That line stretched all the way across all the murals on this section. It was not part of the original compositions and is what would traditionally be defined as “graffiti.” But that raises interesting questions because many individuals would classify ALL of the paintings in this neighborhood as graffiti, not just the wavy silver streak. Because the murals have been deemed to be “Art” and are now part of a “museum” they are defaced by the individual you painted that “graffiti.” Now, I have no idea who painted the silver streak. It could’ve been a bored kid and in that context we would describe it as defacement. It could’ve been Bansky (it wasn’t), but it could’ve been. What if it was Banksy? Suddenly not so much with the defacing…

panda MURo Rome Street Art

I don’t have answers for when street art is “Art” and when it’s graffiti/vandalism. The answers probably lie in people like me (art historians I mean) declaring this panda to be art. But again, what if that silver streak was the nascent beginnings of the next Alice Pasquini, or C215, or Invader, or even Bansky?

gas mask mickey rome street art
or Mickey Mouse in a gas mask?

2 thoughts on “More photos from MURo because why the hell not?

  1. I love your posts, this one is exceptional. Love Micky Mouse too cool looks like some animation I saw from the 70s? Micky Mouse taking acid. If you love murals come to Winnipeg or check out my back posts we have some great murals here. Lots on legions, but also on any wall that could be painted! Keep it up. ☺

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