How Would You Spend Your Last 18 Hours in Croatia??


Because we spent ours taking in a bit of opera and then finally, finally the beach.


Impromptu opera is the best opera. When we got back to Split from our day in Trogir, we stumbled upon an opera rehearsal right in the heart of Diocletian’s palace. I’m not so opera-savvy that I could ID it from the few minutes we heard, but it looked great. And opera is only  improved by pretty surroundings.


Lots of people go to Croatia for the beach and the sea, which are stunning, but we saved our beach-going for our last morning, after we had already checked out of our little apartment, knowing full well that we would have to get on the plane with sand in our crevices and salt in our hair. I didn’t take any photos of the beach we went to, which was the one right in Split, a short walk around from the big bus terminal, but we certainly were not the only people at the airport who had come straight from the sea. The ladies room was packed with women changing out of bathing suits and trying to clean up as best as possible. You could almost smell the sea air on the short flight back to Rome.



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