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An amazing lion in Piazza San Marco, Venice-- I'm the blond in the background!
Me (the blond) and the best lion in Piazza San Marco! We have similar manes.

Hullo, I’m Brenna. I am a non-practicing art history doctor, who wants to see the world and everything in it and tell you how amazing, sucky, or not ugly it is. When I travel  I focus on cultural activities– museums, exhibitions, historical sights, etc — and I will tell you honestly whether I think they’re worth your time, energy, effort, and money.

I lived in Rome and Italy for 18+ months while researching my art history dissertation and this blog began so I could share photos of the Eternal city and my travels; experiences at museums, sights, and in the streets; and my thoughts about it all. It has since evolved to include travel book and tech reviews, and commentary on travel culture. Now I am back in the States, with no cure for my wanderlust, but ever-evolving plans to adventure back out into the abyss.

Moby Dick is one of the best things I have ever read and has this line which is immortal and I want emblazoned on my forehead:

“I try all things; I achieve what I can.” (Ch. 79, page 355).

Go and try, achieve what you can.

Thanks for reading!

* a small note: the internet might be generally democratic, but this site is not– it’s brennocratic. If I don’t like your comment I will not approve it/delete it. If you don’t appreciate that stance, start your own blog.

If you’d like to get in touch with me to talk about Rome, books, or beagles (my three great loves), do so here:


128 thoughts on “About & Contact…

  1. Cool! II am ethnologist, although I want to apply for graduate studies in history of art, probably for the next year. What is the theme of your art history dissertation? By the way, thanks for liking my post “The secret view of nature”.
    Kind greetings,

    1. Hi! and thanks. My dissertation was on Women’s tombs in 15th c Italy and was called: “The Most Bitter and Untimely of Events: Women, Death, and the Monumental Tomb in Quattrocento Italy.” While grad school in art history can be amazing, it can also be extremely hard, very expensive, and not particularly lucrative afterwards, either way, good luck!

    1. Probably the tomb of Maria Pereira and her daughter Beatrice Camponeschi in San Bernardino, L’Aquila. Not a particularly well known one, but rather likable once one hears all the details. And Ilaria, of course. It’s just too pretty and with the dog. Have to like that one.

      1. I was there about two years after the earthquake and it was still very, very sad. I hope that more progress has been made since then. It seems like it was a really lovely place, so I hope that it can be restored.

  2. Your blog is very good. Because of your interest in Italy, you might enjoy one of my posts, “101014, Al Di La.” You might also find enjoyable, “Christmas In The 50s,” and “Christmas Of Simpler Times.” Many blessings to you. Please keep up your good work.

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