The Glories of Turkish Coffee

So good
So good

Have you had Turkish Coffee? It’s not at all like the drip coffee here in the States. It’s not even really like caffè (espresso) in Italy. It’s thicker, denser, with the sludge of grinds at the bottom, that if you’re not prepared for you end up with as a mustache and the bitterest taste in your mouth. There’s no milk in it and I don’t even know if they would have it if you asked. Turkish coffee is really only a swallow or two, and is typically brought out with maybe a candy, and the sugar in a little dish, and a teeny bottle or glass of water.

Turkish Coffee, Grand Bazaar, Istanbul
So good part two

While we didn’t spend a ton of time hunting down the best coffee and we definitely got a cup or two at places that veered a bit towards tourist trap, I was so charmed by the experience that I didn’t even mind.


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