MURo: The Museum of Urban Art of Rome: BEST BEST BEST

street art rome italy
This might be my favorite mural of all time.

Street art is something I love to come across, so when I discovered that there’s a street art museum in Rome (less a museum and more a neighborhood that has given itself over to murals), I hopped on practically the next train I could, took it way, way, way out of the center and wandered around. It was the BEST.

baby hulk street art rome
Baby hulk!!

The Museo di Urban Art di Roma is not in the center. Not even remotely. It’s in the Quadraro neighborhood, which most definitely does not have densely packed ruins, and definitely does have densely packed residential blocks. But, it is easily accessible via the metro “A,” which all Roman tourists acquaint themselves with at one point or the other. And if you fancy yourself interested in street art, this neighborhood, which features 21 murals (the first dating from 2010), is PERFECT. I had only visited Quadraro once or twice, but now I will make a point to go back to see the paintings there and see how they change. So good, so good.

street art italy
So beautiful
bee street art rome
ledbetter street art rome
Holy shit, it’s Joe Ledbetter. HOLY SHIT
tunnel street art rome
YESSSSSSS. Although there was a used syringe in this tunnel, which was a nooooooooooo
street art rome

Do you want to go to there? I do, I do! It was hot when we were there (which was obviously not in January, I need to get with the program with writing more frequently), so we didn’t spend long. But next time man, next time. Get more info here.


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